Single Hop Group Brew Project

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Single Hop Pale Recipe:
Batch Size: 5.25gl
10lb – 2Row
.5lb – Munich
.5lb – Carapils
.25lb – C40

IBU: 35
OG: 1.050-1.055
FG: 1.010-1.013
ABV: 5-5.5%

60min << Adjust 60min addition to hit 15 IBU
15min << Adjust Accordingly
10min << Adjust Accordingly
5min << Adjust Accordingly
0min: 2oz (20min Hop Stand or 20min Whirlpool)

Dry Hop: 2oz

Extract Recipe
6lbs – Golden Light LME
1lb – Pilsen Light DME
1lb – 2 Row
.5lb – Munich

Yeast: WLP001, Wyeast1056, Nottingham, Bry-97, US-05

If someone has chosen the hop you want to use, but you want to brew with it anyway, here are some side experiments you can try. Make sure to keep record of what you do so we can sample against the control.
– Dry hop with more hops (4-6-8-10oz)
– Try staggering your dry hop additions. Add 1/2 up front and the rest 3-4 days after.
– Add dry hops at the tail end of fermentation vs. secondary.
– Extend your Hop Stand and Whirlpool times
– Add additional hops in the Hop Stand or Whirlpool
– Omit the 15,10,5min additions and add all hops at 0min.
– Dry Hop Pre/ Post Gelatin Clarifying
– ????

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