Spring Competition Update

Hey folks, unfortunately, our venue for the Festival has fallen through. We’re searching for somewhere to host us even as you read this, but in the meantime, the Festival is on hold until further notice.

On the bright side, the Competition is still a go. Here’s some updated info for it. If you haven’t started already, it’s just about time to start brewing!

Entry Window: May 1st – May 14th by 6PM
Drop Off Location: Bottoms Up Homebrew Supply
Entry Fee: $5 << CASH ONLY! >>
Entry Details: 2 12oz, 2 22oz, or combination thereof. The bottles must be pry off amber beer bottles with no markings. Each bottle must have entry form attached via rubber band.

Here are the styles again.
6. Light Hybrid (Cream Ale, Blonde Ale, K├Âlsch, American Wheat/Rye)
7B. California Common
16C. Belgian Saison
Special Category: Any Style with Lavender

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