Yeast Collaboration Project

It’s that time again! Who wants in on a little club science project?

In good science, you try to reduce the variables to as few as possible. In homebrewing, there tends to be a bunch of variables. Narrowing it down to just a few takes some serious planning. So we did some planning.

Here’s the plan, everybody brews the exact same recipe with one different ingredient: the yeast. JULY 22nd, from 12:00p – 1:30p at Alvarado Street Brewing’s Monterey Beer Garden, we’ll get together and sample the results. The goal is to see how much variation we can get out of a single recipe by just changing the yeast. It should be simple. The hardest part will be to follow the exact recipe and not make any changes.

If you want in, sign up below using the Google form. Remember, we want to see some variation so you’re welcome get creative in your yeast selection (Isn’t there a craft brewery that harvested somebody’s beard yeast?). If you’re feeling fancy, you’re not limited to ale (or even beer) yeast. Just bear in mind that your beer should be ready to drink at the club meeting in July. In the interest of being creative, try to pick a yeast strain that nobody else has picked. The recipe for both extract and all-grain can be found below the signup form.

Please scroll through the list below to see if the yeast variety you want has not been chosen. If it hasn’t, sign up using the form below.

The list only refreshes every few minutes. After you sign up, don’t worry if your name doesn’t show up right away. Feel free to refresh repeatedly until it does, but be warned: it could take up to 5 minutes!

Yeast collaboration Recipe:

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